Re-emerging church

Ten weeks with the doors shut, ten weeks of staying in, doing things differently and learning new communications skills. The church has been active but not in the ways we are used to. Isolation has been a challenge for everyone. This year, as the autumn leaves have fallen, we've watched many of our routines and loved activities fall away too. The measures to deal with Covid 19 have impacted everything and everyone. Some busier than ever, some cut off from work, from family and friends. None of it easy and all of it demanding that we adjust. Now, with the gradual easing of restrictions we need to adjust to a new way of doing things. As of June 1st services can begin with up to 20 attending.

Our Church Council has met and decided to begin Sunday services on June 7th at our regular 10am. It will be a joy to welcome people back to worship together!

But we need to be careful. We need to care for one another, safety will be a priority. We need to be responsible for and to each other, so we will have new hygiene and contact guidelines. We will have hand sanitiser, new cleaning measures, recommend no physical contact for greetings and morning tea will have to be at home for now. The re - emerging of a gathered church will be gradual and careful and a joy!